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Your business needs a problem to be solved, we sell you certainty!

We solve issues within your company through technology. Evidence Egg is a User Experience Agency that helps business understand their users needs, conceptualise ways to solve it, and create / implement the solution into your organisation. We believe think evidence is at the heart of all decision-making but picking the right decision is fragile, like an egg. So we make this more straight forward by...

Writing on Glass

Understanding the rules of the game

We go into depth understanding your business, customer, market and product. Your company has a wealth of information on why you have an issue, we extract this and use it all to help remedy the problem.


Presenting a Success Probability

No method can guarantee a 100% chance of solving your problem. But through the EBSP system, we can present to you concepts to tackle it with a level of certainty of success.

Modern Office

Implementation and execution

We will be involved with every step of the implementation process. Working with an external agency shouldn’t mean you lose control or have to manage the project team yourself.

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